The History of Audio Cassette

July 28, 2019 at 7:23 pm

The Compact Cassette format (reel to reel recording tapes), was developed in 1935, that was huge and inconvenient that’s why they were only utilized in studios. Improvement of tape was represented in 1963, with top-notch sound by Philips at Berlin Radio Show in Europe. Due to their decision to license the format for free, Philips’ Compact Cassette became the mass leader. The large scale manufacturing of Compact Cassettes began in 1964 in Hanover, Germany. Pre-recorded music tapes were propelled in Europe in late 1965. Pre-recorded cassettes made a new appearance just after the two years of cassette tapes invention.

history of audio cassette

The Fall of the Audio Cassette

Following its top in the late 1980s, the market for tapes dropped in both Western Europe and North America. The ascent of CD’s made cassette tapes shipments dropped by 7%. In 2001 it secured under 5% of all music sold. Technology made it possible about an item that is in the end supplanted by some other more prominent product. Audio Cassette carried small but powerful life as they changed the manner of listening to music in our cars and once made a better experience than before.

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