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  • Includes DVD & Video to Hard Drive Transfer.
  • All Formats Digitized & Digitally Remastered.
  • Custom Menus & Scene Selections.
  • Fully Authored.
  • 1-Year Guarantee.
  • Blu-Ray Compatible.
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Member of National Film Preservation Board
We Transfer Video/Film to DVDs and Hard Drives from:
Consumer Video
  • Super-VHS, VHS, VHS-C
  • MiniDV
  • Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8
  • Mini DVD
  • Betamax
Pro Format
  • Umatic 3/4”
  • DV CAM
  • HDV - Hi Def Mini DV
  • Betacam/Betacam SP
  • Digital Beta (D1 & D2)
  • Digi Beta
  • Regular 8mm
  • Super 8mm
  • 16mm Film
  • 35mm Film
Other Video & Encoding Services:
Transfer your Videos & 8mm Films to Hard Drive Files & DVDs.
Video Encoding for Websites & Editing Systems (MPEG, MOV, FLV Formats)
Multisystem WorldWide Conversions - PAL, NTSC, SECAM
High Resolution Scanning from JPEGS, Prints & 35mm Slides
Creation of Presentation Videos for Weddings & Special Events
Trusted by families in LA for over 8 years!
At Digital Video Lab, our VHS to DVD & FILM to DVD transfer service is second to none.We custom design each DVD individually from the ground up. DVDs include Interactive Menus with Music and Titles, photo montage and much more! Most importantly, we remaster your original footage using Professional Broadcast Grade Equipment which delivers top quality images and sound from your videos during the playback and digitizing process. Compatibilities are a non issue since we are not a mass-production company and all DVDs are even guaranteed to work on new Blu-Ray Players.

Most companies use consumer grade Camera/VCR to DVD recorder setups for mass production, known in the industry as "straight transfers". This type of generic transfer lowers the quality of visuals and sound from it's orginal video and causes playback compatibility issues with many consumer DVD players.

Sometimes, DVD's created in this method also tend to cause your videos to freeze and skip during playback. Audio sync issues have been known to be a common problem too.
Here's How We Do It...
All our DVDs are Remastered and Authored, meaning your videos are :

1. Played Back using Broadcast Professional Grade Equipment. This important first step insures pristine images and sound from your videos. Then...

2. Digitized in it's Highest Quality Settings to Minimize Video Compression. 3D Noise Reductions is applied to reduce Video Noise and Digital Artifacts for a cleaner, Purer Picture quality.

3. Time Base Correctors are used to adjust and stabilizes Visuals while Color Saturation, Sharpness & Contrast is corrected. Audio is upgraded to Digital Quality, 48khz. TBC is used on all formats!

4. Newly Created Videos files are Authored & for each DVD we:

Trim your videos and edit out gaps or dead space longer than a minute.
We create and customize a Navigation Menu with Titles, Scene selection and Chapter points.
Included with each title menu, we design a photo Montage from your videos with a title of your choice with dates & Descriptions. *see example below
Background Music for each Menu.
Carefully inspect and quality control before being delivered.
Most companies charge you well over $80 per Hour for each Authored DVD! Our Customized DVDs are only $39
Other advantages of authored DVDs :
We can combine multiple tapes onto the same dvd and each tape can be viewed and controlled independently from the title menu.

A note of advise: It's simple, if other companies can't provide you with a title and menu or even a Digital File of YOUR choice - then it's NOT an authored DVD, it's a straight transfer!

All our hand designed DVDs,  include Interactive Menus with Scene Selections and custom titles and photo montage.
Key Benefits of Transferring with Digital Video & Film Lab
Digitally Remastered picture and sound quality while eliminating video noise for a cleaner picture. Color saturation, Exposure and sharpness is corrected during conversion process.
Personal Service, always know who you're trusting with your memories. 6 Local Loccations Near You!
Local LA/Valley Pickup - No need to ship, eliminate risk of losing priceless tapes and film.
Our Lab is located in Los Angeles and all conversions are done at our lab. We do not ship to out of State vendors.
Guaranteed Compatibility with all DVD and Blu-ray players!
SONY High Quality DVDs are used to ensure compatibility and best quality.
DVD Hard Cover Case for added protection. Custom labels included.
Call us Today! 310-997-6448
Discounts for first time clients and large quantities.
8mm & 16mm Film
High Definition
PreserveToDVD now offers beautifully color-corrected, High Definition scans of your precious 8mm film.

All-inclusive pricing: Transfers, DVDs, and Files are all included in the cost.
Customer Testimonials
Dear Ray, I am so pleased with the DVDs you made for me from my family videos. Some of the tapes were 34 years old, and it brought back such nice memories to see my children as babies. The DVDs are excellent quality and the menus you designed on each DVD make it very easy to find exactly the scene I want to view. I will happily and confidently recommend you to any friends who need to have their tapes converted.
Thanks again,

Bobbie (5/18/12)
Los Angeles,

All Videos and Films Converted to virtually any Pro Digital Files