Consumer Format Video Digitization
  • Vhs, Hi8,Vhs-C, MiniDv, Betamax
  • $25 to $29 Per Tape for Mov, MP4, AVI, Pro Res, QT, Mpeg 2 Files
  • Add $9.99 to Include DVD Copy
  • Quantity Discount for 5 or More Tapes Please Call for Quotes
  • HardWare Encoded for Pro Quality
  • Includes Editing of Unwanted Content
  • Remastering to Higher Resolution
  • Add $25 for 32 Gig USB 3.0 Flash Drive (or provide your own flash or Hard Drive)
Pro Format Video Digitization
  • Umatic ¾", Betacam, DvcPro, Hdv, DvCam, DigiBeta
  • $39 to $59 Per Tape for Mov, MP4, AVI, Pro Res, QT, Mpeg 2 Files
  • Add $9.99 to Include DVD Copy
  • Quantity Discount for 5 or More Tapes Please Call for Quotes
  • Hardware Encoded for Pro Quality
  • Includes Editing of Unwanted Content
  • Remastering to Higher Resolution
  • Add $25 for 32 Gig USB 3.0 Flash Drive (or provide your own flash or Hard Drive)
Straight Transfers - Videos to DVD
  • $18.99 Per Tape - Consumer Video
  • $34 Per Tape - Professional Format
  • Quantity Discount for 5 or More Tapes For Consumer Formats Only Please Call for Quotes
Files to BluRay or DVD
  • MOV, Prores, AVI - HD or SD
  • $29 to $39 Per File
  • Two Step Encoding Process for Optimal Quality
  • Menus, Titles & Chapters Included
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Monday Thru Friday - 9am to 5pm
Tarzana - Monday Thru Friday - 10am to 6pm
Sat & Sun - Call for Apts Only
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6 Great Locations in LA

Beverly Hills
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8pm to Midnight

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Member of National Film Preservation Board
Our Company's Goal:
We are dedicated in providing all our clients with the BEST service you will find in the industry.
Up Front & Approved Estimates Before Transfers Begin.
5 Convenient Local Locations for all your transfer needs!
All our clients are provided with updated progress reports as they happen, via email or phone.
All calls are answered immediately, or returned within the hour.
NO Hidden cost and no surprises. Upfront quotes and estimates accurately provided.
Our Company's Commitment:
At Digital Video Lab we are committed in providing the best quality DVDs in the industry!
Professional and Industrial Equipment Used for all Transfers.
All DVDs created are Fully Authored and Customed Designed.
We conform to the specification listed by DVD Forum Group 1995.
We are constantly upgrading our specification based on industry standards to bring the latest technology to all our clients.
To prove how confident we are, we provide a 1 Year Guarantee* on all our DVDs. It's our guarantee that you will be completely satisfied!
About Us
Interview with owner.
Q. How did you get started with Digital Video Lab?
A. Coming from the Film Industry and acquiring the best technology & Equipment for my own tranfer needs, i was able to create a niche to bring Hollywood level quality to the Los Angeles Community for an affordable price.
Q. How different are your services from other companies?
A. Simple, Most Companies out there offer Straight Transfers. We take our services to the next level and offer Complete Customed Designed DVDs with our Technology geared towards total Video & Film preservation.
Q. How long has Digital Video Lab been serving the Los Angeles Community?
A. We have been in business for over 8 Years now, with many of our clients ranging from Celebrities and Clients who insists on receiving the best quality transfers.
Q. How does Digital Video Lab conversions differ from the rest?
A. Most companies use conventional Camera to DVD recorder setups for mass production. This creates a major problem by causing quality loss and major compatibility issues with consumer DVD players.

At Digital Video Lab, we custom design each DVD from the ground up using similar technology and equipment to that used by major production companies. Compatibilities are a non issue since we are not a mass-production company. Our DVD's are even guaranteed to work on new Blue-Ray Players..
Q. What type of equipment do you use?
A. We use professional grade industry standard video equipment with time base correctors and digital noise reduction that enhances all video and sound as it is transferred into native Digital File Format. Videos are never converted between different codecs to reduce potential loss of quality.
Q. What features do your final DVD's offer?
A. The single most important feature to us is the quality of Video & Audio that we create. Also, each DVD is custom designed and not mass-produced, thus we can offer custom designed menus, custom scene selections, and music for menus.
Q. Other companies offer cheaper prices, why pay more?
A. We offer a different level of quality and most importantly, our process of preservation. The level of quality and custom designed work that goes into each DVD would cost well over $200 per hour if produced by an industry studio.

Being in the movie business and understanding the process and the quality of other conversion methods, I decided to bring studio quality work using professional grade equipment to regular consumers at an affordable price.
Q. Are your DVD's guaranteed?
A. Yes, we have a 100% guarantee, up to one year. In fact, the guarantee I'll give you is peace-of-mind by knowing you will never have to call me to let me know your DVD stopped working.
Q. Can we see samples of your work online?
A. Yes, you can visit our Portfolio to view actual samplesof client work.
8mm & 16mm Film
High Definition
PreserveToDVD now offers beautifully color-corrected, High Definition scans of your precious 8mm film.

All-inclusive pricing: Transfers, DVDs, and Files are all included in the cost.
Customer Testimonials
Dear Ray, I am so pleased with the DVDs you made for me from my family videos. Some of the tapes were 34 years old, and it brought back such nice memories to see my children as babies. The DVDs are excellent quality and the menus you designed on each DVD make it very easy to find exactly the scene I want to view. I will happily and confidently recommend you to any friends who need to have their tapes converted.
Thanks again,

Bobbie (5/18/12)
Los Angeles,

All Videos and Films Converted to virtually any Pro Digital Files