Why do you need to digitize your old videos?

January 18, 2021 at 5:32 am

With every new year, technology has been changing our lives for the better. Technology has been shaping our past, present, and future by updating itself quickly. With every single week or month, there are new updates for apps and hardware.

What we thought of the best a few months ago is now outdated. We need to update our gadgets and software almost every year to keep ourselves updated with the changing technology, and videos are no exception.


The videos we made decades ago or even years ago may hold our family’s precious moments, but they are stored only in outdated tapes and formats. As the devices, tapes, and video formats are much outdated compared to the present technology; they are also vulnerable to damage.

As the gadgets on which they were recorded or played are no longer available or functional, the records of our memories are under the risk of damage and becoming extinct. The only way to preserve them is to convert them into the present-day digital formats. Let us explore all the reasons for which you should digitize your old videos for good.

Digital videos are safe and easy to save

Anything can go wrong with the videos stored in outdated tapes and formats. It is important to save your precious moments in a safe format so that you can use them anytime on any device. The video cassettes also require much space in your cupboard are vulnerable to damage due to environmental conditions such as heat and moisture.

After digitizing them, you can store your videos in a memory card or hard drive, or even on your smartphone. Digitizing the old VHS and Betamax videos is also a way to declutter your space from old video players and tapes.

Easy to send and share

Elders always want to pass and share their memories with their children and even grandchildren. Many of us may not have seen the faces of your great grandparents. The reason might be the lack of video recorders or their availability during that time. Digitizing the pictures and videos is a great way to pass on the memories from generation to generation.

Digitizing your VHS videos is also a great way to share them with your family, friends, and anyone else. So, digitization does not merely mean storing your images and videos in the latest format, but you can also share them anywhere. You can upload them on social media with a larger group or community.

No need for bulky recorders or video players

The video recorders and players were large and bulky in the past decades. If you are above 30 years of age, you might have seen bulky video cameras and video cassette players during your childhood. The present-day camcorders are compact, and you can even record videos with your phone. By digitizing your videos, you no longer need those bulky video players like VCRs. Also, digital video formats are playable on multiple devices like TVs, computers, and smartphones.

Cloud Storage

In earlier times, when there was no digitization, our parents and grandparents used to store their pictures and videos of camera films and video cassettes, respectively. If any of these storage devices get destroyed, there were no options to retrieve the pictures or videos. However, in the present era of technology, there are plenty of storage options. One such wonderful option is cloud storage.

Companies like Google, Microsoft, and many others offer cloud storage services that enable you to store your pictures and videos on their services by creating an account. Some of them are free, while others charge you for a premium account. Cloud storage is one of the safest options when it comes to storing your precious memories.

How to digitize pictures or videos?

Digitization of films, negatives, or videos is a complex process and requires specialized skills and experience in the field. Therefore, it should be done only by professionals having the right expertise and years of experience. Never ask a newbie or inexperienced professional to digitize your videos, as it can put your memories at the risk of loss. It is best to hire professional services like Digital Video and Film Lab, LLC, to digitize your pictures or videos.

Digital Video and Film Lab, LLC is one of the best video stores Los Angeles CA that offers digitization services for all formats of films and videos. No matter which format you want to digitize, they offer digitization solutions for all. You can choose to store your memories on DVD, Blu-ray, and hard drives.


As we live in an era where everything like toys, phones, automobiles, and computers are using digital technology, this is the perfect time to digitize your memories. Converting your precious memories into safe and secure digital formats is the best way to pass them to present and future generations.