Old VHS Tapes That Are Actually Worth a Lot of Money

September 8, 2019 at 6:24 pm

Nowadays when we have streaming services of Netflix, Amazon and iTunes, it’s difficult to accept we at any point needed to enjoy a movie at home. For this, people headed to video rental stores and started searching for VHS Tapes. When you were finished viewing the movie you needed to rewind the tape and really return it to the store. There are a couple of tapes that value a huge amount of cash to the collecters. On the off chance you have still those VHS Tapes, investigate and check whether you have any of these uncommon diamonds.

The Evil Dead

“The Evil Dead” is a horror franchise. It is a 1981 low-budget horror cult classic written and directed by Sam Raimi starring Bruce Campbell. It’s likewise prized by VHS gatherers. It has been released on VHS by Palace Pictures, who after plenty of legitimate issues. This is currently one of the rarest Evil Dead covers and in extreme demand.


Halloween is a 1978 American film directed by John Carpenter. The various editions of the first film were released on VHS by various merchants. That implies it’s not particularly elusive a copy, however, a few copies are not quite the same as others.

Blood Lake

Blood Lake is a horror movie directed by Tim Boggs. This shot-on-video collected commendation among horror fans for its crude DIY way to deal with filmmaking.

A History of Violence

This is a film which is easily available on DVD and streaming services but still has a premium price on cassette. Since this David Cronenberg thriller about a family man with a dark past was the last real studio movie to ever be released on VHS.

The Great American Bash

The “Bash” events were the highlight of that year. This one likewise includes two legends of the game in a National Wrestling Alliance heavyweight title battle.

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