Are DVD players and discs still worth buying?

January 11, 2021 at 5:03 am

It’s a fact that all the media formats become obsolete at some point in time. DVDs seem outdated, but they are still valuable for many reasons. The first DVD player was launched in November 1996 by Toshiba. The first DVD was made available in November 1996 in Japan and so on in different areas of the world. By June 2003, the DVD rentals and sales outranked those of VHS.

Best Buy and Circuit City, two of the major VHS retailers in the US, stopped selling VHS tapes in 2002 and 2003. After two years, in June 2005, many other retailers, including Wal-Mart, announced to phase out VHS tapes to sell the popular DVD discs.

If we see the media in the present time, all the audios and videos are available on online streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon. With an internet connection and streaming service, you can watch videos and enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere.

Also, with the availability of streaming services, you don’t need to download or store your favorite movies or music. So, the question arises, whether DVD players and discs are still worth buying or not? Let us look at some facts before looking into the answer.

Do you own what you pay for?

As physical media is becoming a thing of the past, we are running through an interesting problem. The problem is that whether we download or stream media, we need to pay for it, but we cannot own movies anymore. You pay around $12 every month to watch a selected package of content or $15 for access to a particular movie on a website.

It means all you get for your money is access to digital audio or video content that can change or disappear at any time. Ultraviolet’s failure is an example of the fact that access to digital media can vanish at a moment’s notice.

Buying a DVD is still a great way to own a movie in digital format. Moreover, as you own a disc, you can watch it anytime on your DVD player. Although a few stores are selling DVDs, you can still find them and get the DVDs of your favorite movies. If you compare the price of the DVD with a specific movie online, you will find a DVD disc cheaper than downloading online.

Movie-Watching Experience

The online streaming of movies may offer a 4K resolution that is more than the DVD quality, but it all depends on the speed of your internet. At times, the internet speed becomes sluggish, and you may not get the quality your pay for. The movies may also pause multiple times if the internet speed becomes too slow. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the movies will always be available on streaming platforms.

Rare Movies are not available online.

If you are a fan of international movies, the age of streaming may prove a curse. Streaming platforms seldom provide rare movies or arthouse films. Even if they make them available, they do so for a limited time. So, even if you pay to watch the movie online, you never know when it may disappear, and you will no longer watch it again. Therefore, buying a DVD of legendary movies is the best way to own and watch them any time you want.

Convert your old videos into DVD

If you have your family videos or party videos in the old VHS, hi 8, Betamax, or any outdated format, you can convert them into high-quality DVD format and store them on a digital disc. The present-day streaming platforms don’t offer you such services for your own videos. If you want to convert your old videos into a digital format, you can contact a professional service provider. Digital Video and Film Lab, LLC offers digitization services for pictures, films, negatives, and old video formats. They are one of the best digitizing service providers in Los Angles. People looking for the best digital video store Los Angeles can contact Digital Video and Film Lab, LLC to get their pictures and videos into a DVD format.

Are DVD players worth buying?

If you still think about whether the DVD players are worth buying in today’s era of online streaming, the answer is ‘yes.’ If you want to watch and stove movies on a digital disc, you need a DVD player. People who already have a DVD player don’t need to buy it, but if you don’t have it, you can buy it without worrying about its worth. DVD players are valuable gadgets that enable you to play your favorite movies and memorable videos at any time. A good quality DVD player from reputed brands costs you around $45 to $50 on Amazon.


These were the benefits of DVD players and discs, and there is no loss of having them. So, as you understand the value of DVD players and digital discs, you can buy the DVDs of your favorite movies and own them forever. Also, it is beneficial to convert your family videos into a digital format from a professional service provider like Digital Video and Film Lab, LLC. Having the DVDs of your favorite videos enable you to watch them anytime and recollect some old memories.