8mm & 16mm Film Transfer To High Definition !

March 25, 2014 at 7:35 pm

16mm Film

Considering to Transfer your 8mm or 16mm Film?  Look no further....  We at Digital Video & Film Lab, Scan your Films frame by frame in True High Definition!  
Our all inclusive pricing includes Blu Ray DVDs and Hi Def Files of your choice.  We provide the Ultimate 8mm & 16mm Film Transfer Service to DVD or Blu Ray.   All Films are scanned and process includes Cleaning, Lubrication
color and Exposure Correction, Fully Authored DVDs.  We also provide High Quality Digital Files in Quicktime format may it be from Apple Pro Res, DV or even 
Uncompressed AVI Files.  We also provide FREE Hard Drive for Quantity orders.
We are local and most turnarounds are between 7 to 10 Working Days.  Vhs to DVD Transfer Service is also available.

Please inquire or call 310.997.6448 or 818.812.6084  We would be most please to attend to you.

Raymond Izaac