6 Benefits of using DVD over VHS

July 30, 2018 at 7:27 pm

Ever thought why this generation moved to DVD from the very precious VHS tapes? As VHS was the only way of recording personal memories at that time, it ruled the world for more than two decades and once seen as a threat by the television industry, it went out of mainstream limelight around 2008. The only reason for its extinction was DVD and here we have 6 solid reason to prove why getting VHS converted into DVD is the best way to secure your memories for future generations.


# Extensively Long Life
DVDs can last over 100 years, providing ultimate protection to your favourite content. Passing the same to your children becomes easy and highly reliable. VHS degrades over time and has a small life span of around 5 years. This makes DVDs 20 times better than mummifying your favourite VHS tape or transferring its content from one to another after short intervals.
# Data Security from Electric/Magnetic Fields
Data from VHS tapes could be lost if it meets with a strong magnetic or electric field. As they are magnetic tapes, change in weather also affects the quality and lifetime of the product. DVD stores data optically and makes it safe against various laws and forces of nature. This means you can easily use DVDs at all places where weather is not that reliable or changes frequently.
# Zero Depreciation in Quality
DVDs either work or they are scrapped. There is no chance that you will get signal noise while playing your favourite movie through DVD, even after it has completed a decade of its recording. In case of VHS, you will face distortion or loss of quality very easily when time moves on. When you will be ready to gift your memories to your grandchildren, relying on a DVD is the best way in present scenario.
# Time Saving
DVDs are copied at a much faster pace when compared to VHS. Spreading content through DVD is easy and highly time saving affair. You can burn DVDs at different speeds and make unlimited number of copies without losing the quality of content inside any of them. They are even rewriteable and covers all the benefits that were once specific to VHS.
# Interactive Layouts
You can insert different interactive layouts in DVD formats. The menus are clickable and you can shift from one scene to another with just one click. This helps differentiate scenes and even let you start from your favourite point any number of times. VHS does not have such chapter point provision with them, making them feel pale before DVD for sure.
# Low Cost
At present, buying a DVD or a player that plays the same is more cost effective than VHS and VCR. Easy availability of parts makes them good for extensive use whereas VCR parts are mostly hard to find and once damaged, one needs to be lucky enough to find a replacement.