5 Easy Steps to Shift from Magnetic Tapes to Cloud Storage

July 23, 2018 at 7:28 pm

The world moves one step forward every day and no one here wishes to stay seated at one place. Do you know it’s possible to carry every bit of your loved memory in your pocket all the time, that too without carrying any special kind of memory device. Can you name the tech behind this miracle? Its cloud storage. You can virtually carry everything you and your family recorded in last 5 decades, that too with just almost no empty space on your phone. Here, you buy some space online and store everything there for all time easy reach. But first, you need to get your 8mm films, 16mm films or vhs tapes converted to a digital format.

Things are quite simple as you can choose a professional 8mm film to dvd and digital converter (also available for other older formats), create a collection of your valuable files and upload them accordingly. Unlike physical damages to vhs tapes or even video discs, cloud computing makes it easier for someone to get a detailed view of his/her past. Here are some simple steps to follow and enjoy one always available database of sweet and emotion filled memories.


  • Search for all available vhs tapes, 8mm films, 16mm films or any other kind of storage that could have been used in your family.
  • Reach for your reliable digital lab and ask for broadcast grade equipment for successful conversion.
  • Bring back your memories with added menus, titles and dates for the best ever experience.
  • Make one digital collection under specific folder names and save them on your hard drive.
  • Use your favorite cloud computing network to upload all of them for all time availability.

This works very well where internet connections are strong and reliable. People have shared their entire lifetime achievements online and that even makes sharing much more easy than any other medium. All that begins with the mood to get your old tapes converted. Actually, 8mm as well as 16mm film to dvd and digital conversion has became a necessity these days. Finding compatible players is one problem while other comes with its degrading quality with each passing day. These magnetic storage options are quite vulnerable to damage and need extra care than modern day stuff like dvd or card storage.

Choose or refuse is solely a personal decision but moving forward with technology can help you save memories for much longer duration than it was possible before the introduction of the concept of virtual memory. Folks at Digital Video Lab / preservetodvd.com are highly committed to their job as they can help you preserve all of your stuff in any of the possible way. Do remember to keep all the physical copies safe or at least set one password recovery wayout that is easy and accessible to your next generation. Happy memories!